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Shiyan Lake is located at the intersection of the three cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, covering an area of 10 square kilometers. 10-20 kilometers away from the three cities of Changzhutan,
It is the first AAAA-level tourist scenic spot criticized by the National Tourism Administration, the first wildlife park in Hunan Province, the 100 scenic spots in Hunan Province, the top ten water body scenic spots in Hunan Province, the domestic professional development training base, and the mass boat dragon boat base. Welcome to one of the top ten tourist attractions.

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  • 冬景更胜俏春华!看小儿戏鸽 ,首届石燕湖汉服节飘着“仙气”与“灵气
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      The Yueluo shirt greets the spring breeze, the jade carved unicorn belt is red, the Hanfu has unparalleled charm, the wide-sleeved shirt-sleeve skirt, the gold bucket iron knife cuts the pattern, the Hanfu has a stunning appearance, the beauty of the Hanfu, can be appreciated It is said that although a feast of Hanfu through time and space has come to an end, those unexpected and unexpected heartbeats and the beating innocence still remain in my mind.

  • 团结协作,凝聚力量!石燕湖景区冬日拓展训练完美收官
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      In order to further enhance the awareness of tourism service for all employees and continuously improve the quality and management of tourism services, the Shiyan Lake Scenic Area launched a three-day winter training from November 27th to 29th. The winter training course starts from corporate culture, scenic brand marketing, vibrato operation, job skills and service specifications. Let ’s take a look at the pace of Xiao Tuo.

  • 旅居康养!开福区老年干部大学太极班全体学员石燕湖康养之旅
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      Recently, all the students of Taiji Class in Kaifu District Senior Citizens University came to Shiyan Lake to start a popular health travel, that is, a trendy health care trip that combines "tourism, learning, and maintenance". Heavy, fast-paced life, and high pressure. ”Grandparents in the Taiji class of the senior cadre university in Kaifu District can not only avoid the haze and cold in the green mountains and green waters of Shiyan Lake; they can also recuperate and recuperate.

价格 Changsha Shiyan Lake Ticket Price

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Preferential fare:
60-70-year-olds enjoy 50% discount; students over 1.3 meters enjoy 30% discount;

Free admission for students under 1.3 meters, seniors over 70 years old, active duty soldiers, and disabled persons, other projects are unavoidable (all need to provide corresponding certificates)

Opening hours:
石燕湖景区开放时间:08:00—17:30 Shiyan Lake Scenic Area opening hours: 08: 00-17: 30
大型猛兽表演时间:10:00、11:30、13:30、15:30、具体表演时间以景区当天实际安排为准 ②Large beast performance time: 10:00, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, the specific performance time is subject to the actual arrangement on the day of the scenic spot
民族歌舞表演10:00、11:00、15:00、16:30,具体表演时间以景区当天实际安排为准 National song and dance performances 10:00, 11:00, 15:00, 16:30, the specific performance time is subject to the actual arrangement on the day of the scenic spot

④ Monkey Show: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:00 (half an hour per game)

⑤Drifting opening time: 14: 00-16: 00

Changsha Shiyan Lake Introduction:

是国家首批AAAA级旅游景区,位于长株潭交汇处,这里群山环抱,碧水如玉,峰峦秀削,古干虬枝,绿荫匝地,被誉为都市人的天然大氧吧。 Shiyan Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area is the first batch of AAAA-level tourist scenic spots in the country. It is located at the junction of Changzhu Lake , surrounded by mountains, clear water, jade, beautiful peaks and peaks, ancient stems, and green shades. It is known as the city's people. Natural oxygen.

Surrounded by mountains and mountains, and clean air, Shiyan Lake is known as the green and blue dream of urban people. 拓展训练 基地、学生素质教育基地和国际龙舟赛基地,石燕湖水面近千亩,水深30余米,这里的水有几个突出的特色:一是湖水清幽纯净,据专家测定,水中富含人体所需的铁、锌、钙等十多种微量元素,达到国家一级水质标准,可直接作饮用水,被称为“人间瑶池,湖南九寨”。 As one of the top ten water body scenic spots in our province, Shiyan Lake is also a domestic professional development training base, student quality education base and international dragon boat race base. The water surface of Shiyan Lake is nearly one thousand acres and the water depth is more than 30 meters. There are several prominent waters here. Features: First, the lake water is clean and quiet. According to experts' determination, the water is rich in more than ten trace elements such as iron, zinc, and calcium required by the human body, which meets the national first-class water quality standards and can be used directly as drinking water. , Jiuzhai, Hunan. "

The Shiyan Lake Tourist Area is located at the junction of Changzhu Lake, surrounded by mountains, with clear water like jade, beautifully cut peaks and peaks, ancient dry branches, and green shades. It is known as a natural oxygen bar for urban people. The dragon boat race is a great feature of Shiyan Lake. The dragon boat race is a unique feature of Shiyan Lake, and you can experience the passion of fighting with the lake waves. enthusiasm.

Animal Shows Wolf dogs and cubs battle with lions, tigers, bears and other wild animals to fill Shiyan Lake with a peaceful atmosphere where people and animals live in harmony. The animals perform 3 times a day .

Around Changsha, Shiyan Lake is definitely a good place to relax for the weekend

From Changsha Railway Station: To the northwest of Shiyan Lake Tourist Scenic Spot , first find Wanjiali Road, all the way south, pass the Tianjingling Tunnel (Wanjiali South Road), reach the environmental protection science and technology park, find the environmental protection road sign, left Turn on the environmental protection avenue and head east all the way to find Shiyan Lake Avenue. Keep going forward and you will see the giant billboard in Shiyan Lake. The total duration is about 45 minutes. Driving to Shiyan Lake is more convenient.

1. Self-driving route for guests coming from Changsha: Take the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway under Changsha South / Changde / Yiyang, go up the Ring Expressway and enter the Times Sunshine Avenue, then enter the Flower Avenue and turn left to Shiyan Lake.

2. Zhuzhou self-driving routes: Zhuzhou (train station)-Zhuzhou Hongqi Road-Changsha Furong Road-Changsha Environmental Protection Avenue-Changsha Shiyan Lake Tourist Area.

3. Xiangtan self-driving route: Xiangtan (bus station)-Furong Road-Changsha (Zhuyi Road Intersection)-Furong Road South Road-Environmental Protection Road-Shiyan Lake Avenue-Shiyan Lake Tourist Area.

4. Self-driving route for guests coming from Wuhan: Take National Road 107 / Wuxian Road, take the ramp, go to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway under Changsha South / Changde / Yiyang, go up the city expressway to enter Times Sunshine Avenue, and then enter Flower Avenue Go to Shiyan Lake.

Changsha Shiyan Lake Drifting Driving Route: Changsha to Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area Driving Route:

1: Take Xingsha Square as the starting point, take 502 to the South Bus Station (now there is no CMB to Shiyan Lake), turn 100 meters to the right of the South Bus Station and proceed 200 meters to the village CMB to the Shiyan Lake tourist area. Shiyanpu got off the train and went to Shiyan Lake National AAAA-level Scenic Area (expanded training base).

2: Take a motorcycle from South Bus Station (about 15 yuan);
3: Take the South Bus Station to Baijiabai CMB, get off at Shiyanpu, and then take a motorcycle to Shiyan Lake;
4: At the intersection outside the South Bus Station, get off at the vaulting horse, Shuangxi's CMB, and get off at Shiyanpu, and then take the motorcycle to Shiyan Lake. Zhuzhou: Jiangnan Bus Station → Tianxin North Gate → Shiyan Lake Xiangtan: Car West Station → Bridge → Shiyan Lake


,位于长沙、株洲、湘潭三市交汇处,景区占地面积10平方公里。 Shiyan Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is located at the intersection of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. The scenic area covers an area of 10 square kilometers. It is 10-20 kilometers away from the three cities of Changzhutan. It is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, one hundred scenic spots in Hunan, top ten water tourism scenic spots in Hunan Province, a domestic professional development training base, and a mass dragon boat base. It is the most popular among Changsha citizens. One of the top ten tourist attractions.

The scenic area is surrounded by mountains, clear water like jade, peaks and mountains are cut, the grass is delicious, ancient dry branches, and green shades. The water of the lake is quiet and pure and full of change. The surrounding area is surrounded by lush primary forests. The forest coverage rate is above 98% except the water surface. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air reaches more than 80,000 per cubic centimeter. There are "Hunan Jiuzhai and Renyaochi", and "urban people green blue" "Dream", "Changzhutan Three-city Green Central Park".

Shiyan Lake has ecological science, folk songs and dances, dragon boat racing, zip line, lake tour, fishing, cs radium battle, barbecue, rock climbing, horse riding, go-kart, bumper car, pirate ship, ferris wheel, interstellar chariot, gun archery, rotation Airplanes, animal shows, water parks, bonfire parties, candle wishing, ecological diving, close-up banquet and other happy experience projects; it has a scenic prospective Samsung Standard Rongjing Hotel, a prospective four-star standard Shiyan Shanzhuang and an expansion building. Comfortable; with 5 large restaurants including Rongjing Restaurant, Happy Forest, and Old Castle Restaurant, it is a scenic area integrating tourism, expansion, conferences, accommodation, catering and entertainment.

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